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What Is Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

With the rise of GPS enabled smart phones, Google started providing more results based on the current user location.

Local SEO is a process for optimizing a website so that it ranks in the “Google Local Listings Map Pack”, a special featured “box” of websites that are in close geographical proximity to the searcher and are related to the search query’s intent. This box is displayed at the top of the page, even before the organic results (the natural results/websites that are shown based on relevance to the search query).

If you rank there, it’s highly possible you’ll get more traffic than the website which is currently at the no. 1 organic position.

Be visible to people looking for your product or service, right when they are looking for you

Enhance overall web presence and authority in the eyes of the searcher

Increase traffic from people who have more intent on buying since they are, literally, located just nearby your brick-and-mortar business.

Studies show that more than 50% of mobile searches intend to find a localized solution. Since the rise of mobile search changed the way people look for information, resulting in millions of people now searching on the go, it’s more crucial than ever for a business to appear on search results related to the area they are located.

How Did Mobile Search Change SEO?

How To Improve Local SEO Results?

In addition to standard SEO trends you should follow, there are several steps you need to take (many found in our free SEO ebook) to get your website featured in the “Local Pack”:

Set Up Google My Business

This very practical application, created by Google, allows you to get a free business listing account that will be your point of physical presence and visibility in apps like Google Maps or even Google Search. You can improve this listing with images, business hours, create virtual tours or add the menu, if you own a restaurant. You can also communicate with existing or potential clients using a feature called “Posts”, that allows you to create short posts that will appear when Google displays information related to your business.

Keyword Research For Local SEO

Keywords have always been important for SEO. If you want to get your website on top of search results, using the right keywords, the ones your potential clients are typing, is vital. For instance, in our case it made sense to rank for SEO related keywords only at local level, in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Trying to rank for the same terms in bigger geographical areas, like New England or the entire Unites States, would be much more difficult and costly, because of stronger competition and resources involved.

Focus On Local And Long-tail Keywords

Geotargeted vs geolocated keywords:

  • Geotargeted keywords are the ones that include the geographical location in the user’s query: for example “pizza Boston”. 
  • Geolocated keywords, or queries, are not including the city/state, and are just expressing the user intent: continuing the example from above, the user is still in Boston, MA, but now the query will only be “pizza”. Google will still serve local results, especially if the query is done from a mobile device. But overall, the results will be much less focused locally so the competition will be much higher than in the first example.

Content and On-Page Optimization

Create useful content that helps your visitors. Focus on local issues, trends, or points of interest. Choosing the right headings, title tags and meta descriptions is just as important for local SEO as it is for traditional SEO. Use tools like SEMrush or Moz Local in order to find out useful information about specific keywords, queries, and user demographics. Some of these tools are also offering TF-IDF (term frequency-inverse document frequency) suggestions, which is a very “scientific” method used to determine how relevant is a (key)word in the context of an entire page, or website. This method is also used by search engine algorithms.

Add A Code

This option is extremely important for local businesses, yet not many have used it up till now. Schema code allows search engines to display more informative results for the person searching including: information about you or your product, website, telephone numbers, working hours, reviews, prices and testimonials. Local search space can be valuable, so adding the code gives you an edge over your competition and makes your site appear more trustworthy to Google.

Listing Your Business In Online Directories

If you are wondering why being listed in online local directories such as Yahoo, Yelp, Google, Bing, is so important, be aware of this figure: studies show that 8 out of 10 people look into a directory to find a particular service they need. Being listed on several business directories helps you gain visibility online and reach the right customers. It also provides more valuable information to your leads, such as address, online reviews or menu (in the case of restaurants). Also check where your competitors are and which directories they focus on.

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