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  1. How to Insure Your Engagement Ring

    How to Insure Your Engagement Ring
    Photo courtesy of Nadra Photography You’re engaged, congratulations! In the midst of all of your planning and excitement, though, you may be letting one crucial step fall to the wayside: insuring your ring. Traditionally, the person who bought the ring is responsible for getting it insured, but in most cases, it comes down to just doing what’s best for you and your partner, so don’t dwell on this part too much.  There are a couple different types of insurance that you can get on an engagement ring. The first is a jeweler sponsored care plan. At Day’s Jewelers, we use Jewelers Mutual, or, JM Care Plans. The second type of insurance typically available to your fine jewelry is attaching the ring to your homeowners or renters insurance. There are a few different ways to do this, if you choose to go this route.  ...
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  2. Peridot Folklore and Mythology

    Peridot Folklore and Mythology
    July is coming to a close, and as we begin to knock on the bittersweet door of August, it is time to take a look at the stunning and exquisite birthstone of August: peridot. Frequently compared to emeralds due to its bright green color, peridot has been beloved by many. In fact, some historians believe that Cleopatra’s infamous emeralds may have actually been peridot! Peridot has been mistaken for many different stones throughout history, and was referred to until the late 19th century as “Evening Emerald”. August’s brilliant green birthstone, peridot, is unique in the ...
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  3. Best Necklaces for a Minimalist Style

    Best Necklaces for a Minimalist Style
    Cover Photo Courtesy of John Hardy Minimalist style is a fun and dainty way to express your personality without the extra work of styling multiple pieces against one another. Coming back into the spotlight, minimalist jewelry styles have been a popular option over the past year or two, emerging while we all examined our desire for extravagance during the pandemic, and came out of it a bit more subdued, style-wise. At the forefront of the minimalist, “clean-girl” look is the simple, dainty, delicate necklace trend. This trend allows for personal style to shine through in the metal type you choose, whether you include a diamond or gemstone, if you decide to feature an engraving or initial option, and which type of chain you decide to style. There are a multitude of options, but here are my picks for the best necklaces to wear for a minimalist style! (If any of ...
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  4. What Are Fancy Diamonds?

    What Are Fancy Diamonds?
    Fancy diamonds, colored diamonds, fancy colored diamonds. The beautiful range of hues that diamonds come in go by a variety of names, but, no matter what they are called, their awe-inspiring beauty remains the same.  Fancy diamonds are, by definition, diamonds that feature a color outside of the common white to colorless range. These diamonds come in nearly every color you can imagine, including: champagne, pink, blue, green, yellow, and the rarest, red. As you may know, diamonds are formed when extreme pressure under the Earth’s surface bonds carbon atoms together in a crystal lattice shaped structure. However, when non-carbon atoms become trapped in the structure, the pressure creating the diamond changes, or another unpredictable variable occurs, the diamond can become colored, creating what we know and love as diamond “fancies”.  ...
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  5. What Jewelry to Wear to a Summer Wedding

    What Jewelry to Wear to a Summer Wedding
    While we all love the beauty and style that comes with summer weddings, it can become a bit difficult to narrow down just the right accessories to wear with our colorful, fun summer outfits! There are many factors that can alter your decisions, like whether the wedding is formal, casual, cocktail style, or just “wear what you’re comfortable in!” So, while we all prepare for the slew of summer and early-fall weddings we’re attending, I’ve put together your go-to guide for what jewelry you should wear to a summer wedding!   Formal For formal, black-tie, or semi-formal weddings, you may be concerned about making sure you don’t ...
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  6. Ruby Folklore and Mythology

    Ruby Folklore and Mythology
    Fiery red and enchanting, rubies have long been part of cultural mythology and folklore. First discovered as early as 2500 BC, rubies have been found in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States, and, most recently, Greenland.  Throughout history, rubies have been revered and idolized, bringing them into the spotlight as the precious gem they are today. Many cultures believed that rubies were a symbol of passion, and could bring the wearer wealth and safety. ...
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  7. 7 Unique Engagement Ring Gemstone Ideas

    7 Unique Engagement Ring Gemstone Ideas
    Diamonds may be the classic way to profess your love, but it’s not the only gemstone beautiful enough to be featured in engagement rings! Just like your love, your engagement ring should be unique and reflect the people that you and your partner are. There’s nothing wrong with a classic, dazzling diamond, of course, but for the fiance that wants an alternative engagement ring option, there may be more than you think! Ruby ...
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  8. Day's Wedding Band Expo: What to Expect

    Day's Wedding Band Expo: What to Expect
    Love is blooming and wedding preparations are finally upon us! At Day’s Jewelers, we want to help make your day special, memorable, and symbolized exquisitely in the gorgeous rings you choose to wear together forever. The wedding band expo events at our Augusta, Waterville, and Topsham ME and Nashua, NH stores are a wonderful opportunity to choose from thousands of band options, all for 20% off of their original prices.  Has your wedding come and gone? Have you celebrated years of marriage and want to commemorate all of the time you’ve spent together? Don’t feel left out! These wedding band expo events have hundreds of anniversary bands to choose from as well and you’re more than welcome to come in to find exquisite bands to add to the wedding bands you took your vows with! (Image: Michael and Lara's gorgeous engagement photo; Photograph by Andrew Hager Photogr ...
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  9. How to Travel With Jewelry: Your 2022 Guide

    How to Travel With Jewelry: Your 2022 Guide
    Summer is here, and as the days are getting warmer, we’re all gearing up to plan our summer vacations! So, whether you’re going on a bachelorette trip, a romantic summer getaway, or a fun family trip, this is your one-stop-shop for all 2022 summer jewelry trends, jewelry packing travel tips, and your vacation must-haves.  Of course, traveling with jewelry is not always the easiest. Tangled necklace chains, missing earring backings, and having to take off every ring you’ve ever owned at the airport are things we all dread. My favorite rule for traveling with jewelry is SIMPLICITY.  ...
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  10. Pearl Mythology and Folklore

    Pearl Mythology and Folklore
    Unique from other gems in both its formation and material, pearls have been a wonder to all who’ve discovered their beauty for centuries. Stories tell of mermaids and sirens in posession of treasure chests spilling over with the undeniable luster of pearls’ creamy white surface; they tell of gifts from gods and magic powers designed to cure, and to destroy; most importantly, they tell the stories of the life that pearls carry with them.  Pearls are an organic gem, formed inside of mollusks as a safety precaution taken by the mollusk itself to protect from the harm and irr ...
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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